Driver CPC Courses

The Driver CPC is your key to a career in professional driving. Whether you are just starting your career, or you are already an LGV/PCV driver looking to upgrade or retain your licence, let A2z Training & Employment guide you through the process.

All our courses are engaging, interactive and delivered by trained professionals. We have a flexible approach to scheduling Driver CPC training, meaning that drivers lose as little time on the road as possible. By choosing A2z Training & Employment you are not only meeting your legal obligations, but also developing skills and knowledge that will make a real difference on your journey.

See below for full details of our courses, or give A2z a call and talk to one of our team. We will provide clear and practical information to assist your professional development.

Our modules last either 3.5 or 7 hours, depending on the content.

3.5 hour modules

Delivering the Goods (Points of Call, Route Planning, Customer Service) (LGV Only)

Driver Welfare (Driver Health, Alcohol & Drugs, Fatigue, Driver Fitness) (LGV & PCV)

Drivers’ Hours & Tacho Awareness (Drivers’ Hours Rules, Tachographs, Operational Guidance) (LGV & PCV)

Drivers’ Hours Rules (Drivers’ Hours Rules, Working Time Regulations, Operational Guidance) (LGV & PCV)

Fire Awareness (Causes of Fire & the Dangers, Actions in the Event of a Fire, Fire Extinguishers & Use, Fire Prevention) (LGV & PCV)

First Aid Awareness (Actions in an Emergency, CPR, Unresponsive Casualty, Choking Adult, Wounds, Bleeding & Shock) (LGV & PCV)

Fuel Efficient Driving (Fuels & Lubricants, Types of Vehicle, Gearboxes & Brakes, Safe & Fuel Efficient Driving) (LGV & PCV)

Food Safety (Food Safety Management, The Driver’s Role, Lorry Fridge Systems, Maintaining the Cool Chain) (LGV Only)

Health & Safety for Drivers (Laws, Vehicle Movements, Banksman Signals, Manual Handling, PPE, Working at Height, Slips, Trips & Falls) (LGV & PCV)

Loading & Unloading (Legal Requirements, Weights & Load Distribution, Vehicle Dimensions & Weights, Effects of Load Movement, Load Security, Loading Equipment) (LGV Only)

Manual Handling (Regulations, Costs of Injury/Back Pain, Causes of Back Pain, Lifting Techniques, Lifting Equipment, Pushing & Pulling Techniques) (LGV or PCV)

Passenger Care (Passenger Charter, Passenger Care, Documentation, Manual Handling & Luggage, Customer Service) (PCV Only)

Road Traffic Accidents (Arrive on Scene, Next Actions, Casualty Care & Dangers) (LGV & PCV)

Rules of the Road (Rules of the Road, Documentation, Highway Code, Traffic Accident Procedure, Security & Crime Prevention) (LGV & PCV)

Use of Tachographs (Use of Tachograph Equipment, Operational Guidance) (LGV & PCV)

Know Your Vehicle (Rules of the Road, Fitness to Drive, Driving in Severe Weather, Accident Procedure, Security & Crime Prevention) (LGV & PCV)

Walk Around Checks & Defect Reports (Walk Around Checks, Legal Requirements & Maintenance, Safety Equipment, Defect Reporting) (LGV or PCV)

7 hour modules

Vulnerable Road Users – FORS Approved (Where Do We Encounter VRUs? Who Are VRUs? Sharing Road Space, Route Planning, New Traffic Systems, Professional Driver’s Role, Hazard Perception, Defensive Driving, Blindspots, Safety Systems, Cyclists, Pedestrians, Motorcyclists, Horse Riders) (LGV & PCV)

Emergency First Aid at Work (Roles & Responsibilities of First Aiders, Incident & Casualty Assessment, CPR, Unconscious Casualties, Choking Casualties, Shock, Minor Injuries, External Bleeding, Other Conditions) (LGV & PCV)

Operator Licence Awareness (Roles & Responsibilities, Drivers’ Hours, Fleet Inspections & OCRS, Operator Licensing, Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness, Walk Around Checks, Driver CPC, Driver Licensing) (LGV or PCV)

Dangerous Goods Awareness (Dangerous Goods Regulations, Hazard Classes, Documentation, Vehicle Markings & Labels, Safe Loading & Handling, Security, Equipment, Emergency Actions) (LGV only)